What didn't Kill her, made her stronger..!

"She could be an artist, a teacher, a doctor, an entrepreneur, she could be reeling it in as she studies or living it out on the dance floor; she could be all that and more. She is you and me, she is all of us. Living in a patriarchal society as a women might be one of the toughest roles she plays and yet she greets you with a smile each day. Watch how "Divya Jain" talks about what needs to be done to bring down the difference between he and she to just an alphabet, after all the world doesn't revolve around just him...!!

Start From Scratch 1.O: Going Ahead

This novella (a short novel) is written for inspiring people and the successful entrepreneur narrations to be highlighted worldwide. This novella includes Sahil Arora, jay Kapoor, Ellen DeGeneres and many more such inspiring examples. It'll raise one man entrepreneurship to have broader individual perspectives in the upcoming years. Every soul has the inner capability of doing something out of the box.